Meet The Directors

Udayan Roy

Udayan considers himself blessed to have found his calling quite early in life, that of utilising his creative energy to innovate in the furniture industry. For him, furniture is not just furniture. It’s an art. Academia never lured him and he believes that his calling is far greater than what is offered to an ordinary 20-year-old today. He identifies with being an artist, and wants to put his mind to a fundamentally creative endeavour. Having been through the rut of routine, or attempts of the same over the last many years, Udayan’s vision is to beyond the ordinary and achieve excellence in the pieces he helps create. His strength lies in the fact that he listens to his intuition and works with an attitude that can light up the hidden spark of creativity even in you.

Atul Roy

Atul has over 25 years of experience of running his own advertising agency, Image Makers. However, his eye for design and creative potential seemed to have been underutilised and somewhat unfulfilled through that business which further motivated him to pursue his life- long dream of designing interiors for all kind of homes- be it Victorian, French, Modern, or old- school raw and rustic. He believes that it is never too late to take the plunge and delve into unexplored territories because synergies and innovations are just lurking around the corner, craving for us all to find them. And life, as he knows it, is always full of opportunities!


Luxury custom-made furniture

Stonedwoods is an established leading designer and manufacturer of bespoke furniture. Each piece of our luxury furniture is carefully handmade to the highest of standards in our workshop by a team of dedicated and talented craftsmen.

Relax and unwind today on luxury, handmade furniture from Stonedwoods. 

Using traditional with modern techniques & best quality materials, we help create some of the most beautiful handmade furniture available.

Our aims are to create luxury and bespoke handmade furniture for clients in India & Abroad. We also design and manufacture everything from corner units and chaises to stylish sofa beds. All of our luxury furniture pieces are created with pride, passion and attention to detail.

Situated in Sector 82, JLPL, Mohali, we specialise in creating bespoke furniture solutions for the home, so whether you’re looking for an extra-long luxury sofa for your living room or dining chairs for your kitchen, speak to us today! One of our experts will be more than happy to assist you and help you create the furniture of your dreams.

At Stoned Woods, Furniture is handcrafted with great care, detail and attention to produce distinctive artefacts that will bring pleasure for years to come. Each item of furniture is hand finished and uses traditional techniques to ensure strength and longevity.


In need of a desk that suits your office needs, or of a coffee table that glorifies your bedroom? With your requirements in mind, we create it all, specially for you


Are you looking for lamps that light up your room or paintings that increase the style quotient of your workplace? We’re happy to announce that our collection of individual furniture pieces will take your breath away!


If you’re tired of the same workplace, living room or any other space that you are looking to revamp, get in touch with us. Not only will we help you shape it better, we will transform the way it looks and feels to you!


If you are tired of the conventional way of looking at things in life, view some of the products we have created with a vision of disruption of the pre-existing and an aim to create something afresh!


If you do like the raw, rugged and natural look of furniture, this is certainly the right place to find it. Our passion to maintain the originality and inherent character of the wood we use makes this section unique and one of its kind


If we have been lucky enough to catch your fancy, please drop us a line and get in touch. We’ll be more than happy for a chat, and even happier if we get to work with you!